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Is logstic industry good to make a career?

Logistics and distribution management deals with arranging, storing and transporting products.

Logistic industry is important for economic growth and development. First, we try to understand  what is logistic and distribution? Why logistic industry good for career?


  • The commercial activity of transporting good and services.


  • Dispense those goods and services to the client’s location.

Who is logistic and distribution manager?

  • The logistic and distribution manager organise the storage and distribution of goods.
  • The role of a manager is to ensure about the right product is delivered in the right place, time and cost.
  • Also, check the flow of goods.

Is job in logistic and distribution good in India?

Be it organization, type of industry or any size of startup, some sort of logistic support is a must.

You as a logistician can work in manufacturing, pharmaceutical, FMCG and many more.This industry make sure that every individual have enough scope to learn and evolve in his/her career.

Endless,opportunity you will get in this field.


The average salary of logistic and distribution manager in India is 5,50,000 and it can increase with your experience. If you do hard work in this field, you can earn in millions with experience and expertise. Apart from this cities, skill and experience would matter in this sector.

Education and skills

Degree in management is required in this field and if you want to evolve in your career then you have to develop certain skills:

  • Communication
  • Logical
  • Analytical
  • Problem solver

Career progression

Indian logistic industry to grow 10% annually and is expected to become a 307 billion dollar industry in the next few years. Hence, there are many jobs available in this sector. According to the report of NSDC(National skill development corporation) India will need around 24 million workforce in transportation, logistic and warehousing sector. Therefore, in this sector huge human resource requirement in the country.






All About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a type of cryptococcus, its creator is Satoshi nakamoto. Bitcoin is one of the first digital currencies, created, and designed as a digital payment tool. Bitcoin has been a hot topic to date, this digital money is able to attract a lot of people to invest in it, there’s nothing wrong if you also get some digital wealth.

So how can you be part of this lucrative infestation? My suggestion, you better buy some Bitcoin krypton in Coinmarket like Cryptocurrencies. Perhaps buying today still feels good, but simple things can make big profits. You can sell it or trade it, all you have to do is stay focused on market analysis because many companies in the United States and around the world are involved in the business of buying and selling.

There are many types of exchanges on the money market especially with Bitcoin. Simple and traditional exchange you can do with Bit Stamp. This option is considered better because you are not only trading with a company, but also with users or personal. The company acts only as an intermediary. You will get higher liquidity value. Another advantage is that you can always find others to take the other side of your trade, meaning you will definitely be actively involved in making a profit.

The more profits you will accumulate if you choose to save or resell some Bitcoin to other traditional buyers at a price higher than the price you buy with a real company. During the 30 day period the profits can be earned can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars even though the cost starts from 0.5% and goes far up to 0.2%.

If you prefer other transactions then you can find local buyers and sellers. This term is known as Bitcoin Local, this way is the most popular for offline. Local Bitcoin is a website that connects you with potential buyers and sellers. When purchased, the coins are locked from the seller and can only be removed only for the buyer. Whatever the transaction motion, the most important thing is to give you the greatest advantage. This is the money market so the main goal is to make money.